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If you have dreams and doubts which stops you to think, if you have inspiration and admiration to just trust your inner callings, if you have yearning like someone is pulling a string that’s attached to your heart, keep it alive. Let your thoughts go crazy and your body shiver with fear and let us be the saviour of your thoughts.

Background and Tags

Choose among various backgrounds available to post your tales. And also you can categorized your story with as many as tags.

Post at your own liberty

You are free to post whenever you want and wherever you want very easily.

Being Incognito

If you want you can showcase your tales by being anonymous, you can utter your wish to remain unidentified among the followers.

Get inclined among the followers

Meet as many as people, follow them. Like, comment and share their posts. Get chance to share each other’s ideas for enhancement.

Advancement of your skill as a whole

Hold your ideas and let the words crave their love for your imagination. Let your tales enhance the value of your thoughts arising from your heart and get them better day by day.

See it in action.


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St. John the Baptist 1516
Salvator Mundi 1519
St. Jerome in the Wilderness 1480
Lady with an Ermine 1490